NEW 1.70 index available now

Nova Optical has introduced a new lens to our inventory of products, this is the new Thindex 1.70 index.This lens is a unbeatable combination with technical advantages and value surpassing 1.67 and 1.74 high index.Thinner and lighter than 1.67 and rivaling 1.74 for greater comfort in mid to stronger prescriptions. Less aberration , higher abbe value (36) than 1.67 and 1.74 resulting in less chromatic aberration.AR coating  application of a quality anti-reflective coating allows lens to transmit maximum light for sharper night vision and less glare with uv protection that exceeds 99%.Thindex 1.70 is ultra durable with an impact resistance four times that of the 1.74 lens and has a high tensile strength for optimal performance with drill mounts and rimless ; 3 times stronger that hard resin. Thindex 1.70 index is available in a power range of -11.00 to +6.00 up to a -2.00 cly in finished lenses and -16.00 to a +10.00 and up to a -4.00 cly in semi finished products.It is also available in our new Nova Focus progressive and Nova freeform single vision lenses. For further info please contact Nova Optical.


nova optical labs purchases lab

Nova optical labs is proud to annouce that we have purchased p&g optical lab in Lethbridge Alberta. As of Febuary the first P&G Lab will be under the name Nova Lethbridge–Adolf and Darryl will be saying on to manage the Lab as well as for the other staff members.This purchase will bring more varity of product to the Lethbridge area , as Nova continues to add more product to  our digital family of lenses