New Nova – Petite progressive lens

A Progressive designed for small and fashionable frames
Sometimes fashion frames are too small for regular progressive lenses and the
wearer is forced to select a bigger frame. Visit the best internet casino! Have good time! Nova-Petite, specially developed for
small frames, offers more options and flexibility to select the ideal progression
length perfectly adapted to each frame.

Thanks to the Digital Ray path technologies new mathematical methods to control
the progression length, a new concept of short progressive design has been
engineered. Nova-Petite design has the perfect balance between far and near
vision combined with multiples and short Minimum Fitting Height that allows to
adapt perfectly the progression length to the wearer’s exact pupil height.

Target & Positioning
Ideal for wearers who want to wear very small frames

Personalized Progressive Lens ideal for small frames
Developed for patients who want to wear small frames
Fast transition between far and near vision
Small progression length to adaptable to the smallest frames
Available in four progression lengths
High precision and high personalization due to Digital Ray-Path Technology
Clear vision in every gaze direction
Oblique astigmatism minimized
Variable inset: Automatic and manual
Frame shape optimization available

Minimum Fitting Height MFH
10 mm
11 mm
12 mm
13 mm